Wednesday, February 24, 2010

M/FG1 Virus: Panic invades European countries

Big "Healing Session" to be held next week in Antwerp and other major European cities.

Brussels - BELGA The European Union has urged travellers to Latin America to exercise caution, amid concerns over the spread of the M/FG1 virus. Cases are also confirmed in the US and Spain. Belgian Prime Minster Yves Leterme said Belgium - which has 36 suspected cases, twice as many as France - was taking the issue "very seriously".

World Health Organization (WHO) experts are meeting to consider raising the global pandemic alert level. But it says the world is better prepared than ever to deal with the threat.

WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl has disclaimed that a cure is being supplied by qualified experts all over the world. Belgium, Hartl says, is working with the WHO and other countries to "develop a strategy" to prevent the spread of the virus.

The M/FG1 virus is characterized by an extreme dancing impulse in the most unexpected circumstances. As of today only one way to attack the virus has been found. Good old funky beats seem to be the only effective way to eliminate the virus. The sexy grooves seem to penetrate the chemical structure of the infected which will expell the contaminated cells through regular sweating. Parties are being organized all over the world and the recent Brazilian carnivals have attracted millions of infected people in search for a cure.

News agency Belga informs that on the 6th of March, DJ A Boy Called Taxi (spiritual leader of the famous "Stanny Feestjes") will be heading a "Healing Session" where also DJ Barato (former selector of most historical radio show "De Puma van Vlaanderen") and the hyper sexy BarbereLLa's will join the main DJ in this initiative.

The meeting point is known as "De Vogelenzang", in the Lange Beldekensstraat 116 (street where painter Vincent Van Gogh used to live), where victims are expected from 10 p.m. on. Visual information on this and previous M/FG1 pandemics will be offered by VJ Barato.

Young contaminated people trying to get rid of their
infection under the motto "Dance the pain away"

The official invitation.

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