Friday, February 26, 2010

"Party fever" doesn`t skip Belgium

Belgian woman affected by the M/FG1 Virus.

According to the Influenza Commissioner this is the second confirmed case of infection with the new M/FG1 virus, known as the "Party fever". On February 19th, it is reported, the woman from the Flemish Province felt the first symptoms. She even had to stay a few days under observation, because her unstoppable dancing impulses would not allow her to drive or work.

The "Party fever" is a not a new human virus, but in every appearence it seems to be combinated with other already known viruses. It is much stronger this year and the symptoms are more visible than the already studied cases. The symptomes are, for instance: dancing impulses, joy (for no apparent reason), constant singing or humming, unrest when seated (specially approaching the weekends). People who have attended "Mestizo" parties, especially people with intense exposures, are at increased risk to get infected with the M/FG1 virus. If a person becomes sick with the "Party fever", alcohol-based antiviral beverages combined with so called "ass-shaking" beats can make the illness milder and make the patient feel better faster. They may also prevent serious complications.

In January and February 2010, an outbreak of a new strain of influenza commonly referred to as “Party Fever” infected many people in South America and other parts of the world. The first case of the M/FG1 virus in Belgium has been found in a young woman in Antwerp. Since the beginning of this new pandemic some 41 cases of infection have been suspected in Belgium.

As confirmed before, on the 6th of March DJ A Boy Called Taxi (spiritual leader of the famous "Stanny Feestjes") will be heading a "Healing Session" where also DJ Barato (former selector of most historical radio show "De Puma van Vlaanderen") and the hyper sexy BarbereLLa's will join the main DJ in this noble and altruistic initiative.

The meeting point is known as "De Vogelenzang", in the Lange Beldekensstraat 116 (street where painter Vincent Van Gogh used to live), where victims are expected from 10 p.m. on. Visual information on this and previous M/FG1 pandemics will be offered by VJ Barato.

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