Monday, March 15, 2010

In Soweto Online

"In december 2008, a group of 10 people went from Belgium to Soweto to create a "Murga" together with South African partners. They had to explain together what a "Murga" is (a kind of parading band that is popular in Argentina and has growing popularity in some European cities) and work closely to form such a group in three weeks, assembling talents in four disciplines (dance, music, costumes and spoken-word). The process was followed by a murga-film-crew, a non-professional, cooperative group of filmmakers with the mission to portray the people and the process. Filmed and edited by Lot Vandekeybus, Kristel Driesmans and Orlando Verde."

this movie is the result of a truly cooperative effort. it has been performed by more than a hundred enthousiast ARTISTS from different parts of Soweto and it has been filmed and edited by three filmlovers that gave priority to the atmosphere than to the story. the film was supposed to become an extra dimension of this sociocultural experiment. and as such it had to be the result of a collective and not of an individual.

if while watching this film you feel the energy we felt, our goal has been reached.

we are glad that (at least online) this registration can be available to anyone who can be interested. and we welcome all kinds of feedback and opinions that can help us improve our work.

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