Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"In Soweto" goes Cuba

"In Soweto" (see immediately previous post) has been selected for the 8th International Film Festival "Humberto Solás" of the Low-Budget Film in Cuba. this is brilliant news: the murga story, a story where fiebre has always played an important role, will be told in latin america! a dream come true, that's it.

congratulations to all involved in the making of that document in both belgium and soweto!

congratulations also to Andres Lubbert since his film "La Realidad" (that has been seen this year in "Mestizo Films") is also part of the selection. curious note: andres is at this moment working on another murga-documentary: the story behind the first belgian murgueros to participate in the argentinian Carnaval, de biggest murga in the world :-) nice, he :-)

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